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Tired of paying retail markup to dealers that provide little or no added value? Purchase Any…

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Component from Coyote Sound

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Have an older NuForce product needing repair or maybe need a replacement Remote Control?

We have a number of new "old stock" & working used parts & chassis for various products such as the MCH Series amps, Oppo BDP-93SE, Ref-8, P-8, P-9, Icon HDP, HA-100, DAC-80, etc., along with a variety of Remote Controls that were leftover from the former NuForce warehouse in CA.

So, if your item is in need of repair, let us know as we "might" be able to help. While we are at it, for a very reasonable price we can also install our D.R.R.T. Upgrade so that you will finally be able to hear just what that vintage NuForce gear is... and always has been... TRULY capable of. Just as we once were, we suspect that you too might well be AMAZED at the results! :-)

Come Join Us

Dealer Pricing is available to all qualified audio component dealers, distributors, resllers, etc.

Contact us. Maybe we can help you in your efforts to provide your customers with components that deliver maximum performance and value. Our D.R.R.T. Upgrade will unleash virtually ANY component's (we don't do turntables) full latent potential. Results typically exceed that of most common system "tweaks" such as cables, etc., and at a price that is often considerably less.

How? Well, unlike many so-called "proprietary" methods employed by others, D.R.R.T. is a safe, minimally invasive and proven effective set of  treatments based on well-established "passive" techniques - not amateurish and risky attempts at circuit re-engineering and naive part swapping.

Clean up the "dirt" in any piece of gear with D.R.R.T.

Try D.R.R.T. on your favorite affordable gear like:

Adcom, Emotiva, NAD, etc.

... or even PRO gear like:

Behringer, Crown, Crest, Peavey, QSC, etc.

-- Aether Audio MBB-AC Power Cable --

-- Aether Audio MBB-AC Power Cable --

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TDSS is expanding to offer its novel Dynamic Resolution Recovery Technology (D.R.R.T) Upgrade to owners of audio component brands other than those of NuForce/NuPrime. D.R.R.T. addresses the underlying performance degrading issues that are fundamental to all audio products, and that many manufacturers simply ignore due to their need to minimize costs and meet established competitive price-points. In particular, such practices are common in products targeting the more "affordable" sector of the high-end audio market, which often results in components of significant untapped "latent" potential.

D.R.R.T. is unique in that it is totally "passive" in nature, as it does not involve altering or modifying the fundamental circuit design or changing circuit components like capacitors, resistors, etc. whatsoever. While we may be very experienced in electronic design, we are not so arrogant as to take liberties... thinking that we know better than the engineers that designed your product. Rather, we subscribe to the concept of "Primum non nocere" (first, to do no harm). Therefore, your component will not only retain its original sonic signature fully intact, but after application you will be able to hear its signature even more clearly than before - this a result of D.R.R.T. having removed the low-level audio "dirt" that you probably never even realized was there all along.

Aether Audio

Concurrently, Aether Audio (the manufacturing arm of the TDSS family) is in the process of developing a new mono-block amplifier that will be based upon all that we have learned here at TDSS with respect to the various techniques and treatments developed vis-a-vis our upgrade service... AND some novel new construction methods and technologies never seen before. Pricing will be middle high-end and performance will be world-class.

-—-——- NuForce Magic Cube ———-

-—-——- NuForce Magic Cube ———-

In addition, Aether Audio will once again commence manufacturing new versions of its earlier “Black Box” accessory that was also successfully marketed by NuForce a few years back under the name “Magic Cube.” The new and greatly improved series of “Vortex Filters” will be available in a variety of forms intended to be installed at each point within your system: From the AC Power side of your components on through the Interconnect stages and ultimately between the amplifier and speaker (as was the case with the earlier Black Box & Magic Cube Versions). The projected release date for these new products is the 1st quarter 2019. Stay tuned!!!

UPDATE : 07/01/2019

Aether Audio’s new “Mobile Bus-Bar” AC Power Cable incorporating AA’s “Zero Resonance” and “Vortex” technologies is now available, along with their earlier Vortex Filter Modules for Loudspeaker and AC Power applications. Check them out at

!!! Factory Authorized !!!

Have TDSS upgrade your NuPrime component without risk of voiding the factory warranty. You'll be amazed to discover how D.R.R.T. and/or O/P-AMP can literally transform these already exceptional products into true, world-class performers often equaling those many times their combined component + upgrade price.

"... Anyway, with your Upgrades you have taken what was a $1,600 amp that sounded like a $5,000 amp and turned it into one that sounds like a $12,000 amp! It's now just in another class.  It's better in every way.  Everything is so much clearer, cleaner more articulate and dynamic, dimensional and open - and just plain more real sounding. The music flows more effortlessly than I've ever heard before.

From: Review of the TDSS Upgraded NuPrime ST-10 by Paul W.

+ Levels-2 & 3

Between real tears and laughter, all I wanted to do was listen and let myself be absorbed by the music. Every note was suspended in the air, time slowed down, the extensions when Frank grabbed a high note were almost frightening in their dynamics, the textures of strings, drum skins, brass horns, you name it were all vividly real.

And the amps hadn’t even settled down after shipping or broken in yet with the new upgrades; meaning there is even more to go!!!

From: Review of the TDSS
D.R.R.T./Level-1 Upgraded
NuForce Ref-20 by Spence R.


May the "Force" be with you

In the beginning, legacy NuForce Reference Series power amplifiers were the original driving force behind the development of the first TDSS upgrades. While they were great in their day, it's been a while and many Ref-9, 18 & 20 owners have since move on.

Now with the TDSS Upgrades available some may come to discover that maybe they were a bit "premature" in that decision. Why? Click on the NuForce logo to the left and see. Short of that, we'll just say for now that a Ref Series Amp + TDSS Upgrade = Total Transformation... the likes of which you will likely find hard to believe, even upon hearing for yourself. To be sure, before the TDSS Upgrades were available, the audio world has NEVER heard what these remarkable amplifiers were truly capable of - simply AMAZING!!!