Audio Engineering White Papers

Below is a list of Engineering White Papers that we have assembled and believe may be of interest to you. Feel free to download and share them with others that you believe may have interest as well. Please keep in mind that while for the most part they are based on solid scientific facts, they are also a byproduct of opinion to some degree. As such, they are not being offered to stir debate or create conflict in any way, but rather, our only intent is to offer them as a source of information and perspective for the purposes of edifying the reader and to stimulate thought on the subject. All ideas are good ideas... so long as one's quest is for the TRUTH.

Switching Amplifiers -The Damping Factor Advantage

Sub-Debye Phase Distortion - A New Source of Audio Band Distortion?

Coincident Driver Technology - A Superior Approach in Loudspeaker Design?