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NuPrime has decided to discontinue their previous flagship Reference 20 Mono-block Power Amplifier and will soon be replacing it with their new "Evo" model. This should be an exemplary new product, and as soon as it is released TDSS will be offering our upgrades for it as well.

Concurrently, Aether Audio (the manufacturing arm of the TDSS family) is in the process of developing a new dual-chassis mono-block amplifier that will be based upon all that we have learned here at TDSS with respect to the various techniques and treatments developed vis-a-vis our upgrade service... AND some novel new construction methods and technologies never seen before. Pricing will be middle high-end and performance will be world-class.

In addition, Aether Audio will once again commence manufacturing a line of loudspeakers. The new designs will be demonstrated in concert with their new mono-block amplifier, and some will be offered using the same amplifier technology in powered versions as well. The projected release date for these new products is 3rd quarter 2018. Stay tuned!!!

!!! Factory Authorized !!!

Have TDSS upgrade your NuPrime component without risk of voiding the factory warranty. You'll be amazed to discover how D.R.R.T. and/or O/P-AMP can literally transform these already exceptional products into true, world-class performers often equaling those many times their combined component + upgrade price.

"... Anyway, with your Upgrades you have taken what was a $1,600 amp that sounded like a $5,000 amp and turned it into one that sounds like a $12,000 amp! It's now just in another class.  It's better in every way.  Everything is so much clearer, cleaner more articulate and dynamic, dimensional and open - and just plain more real sounding. The music flows more effortlessly than I've ever heard before."

From Paul W.'s Review of the TDSS Upgraded NuPrime ST-10

Levels-1, 2 & 3

Between real tears and laughter, all I wanted to do was listen and let myself be absorbed by the music. Every note was suspended in the air, time slowed down, the extensions when Frank grabbed a high note were almost frightening in their dynamics, the textures of strings, drum skins, brass horns, you name it were all vividly real.

And the amps hadn’t even settled down after shipping or broken in yet with the new upgrades; meaning there is even more to go!!!

From Spence R.'s Review of the TDSS
D.R.R.T./Level-1 Upgraded
NuForce Ref-20


May the "Force" be with you

In the beginning, legacy NuForce Reference Series power amplifiers were the original driving force behind the development of the first TDSS upgrades. While they were great in their day, it's been a while and many Ref-9, 18 & 20 owners have since move on.

Now with the TDSS Upgrades available some may come to discover that maybe they were a bit "premature" in that decision. Why? Click on the NuForce logo to the left and see. Short of that, we'll just say for now that a Ref Series Amp + TDSS Upgrade = Total Transformation... the likes of which you will likely find hard to believe, even upon hearing for yourself. To be sure, before the TDSS Upgrades were available, the audio world has NEVER heard what these remarkable amplifiers were truly capable of - simply AMAZING!!!