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"Your source for design, technical, marketing & sales-related services"

Technology Design & Support Services (TDSS)...

... began as a "B-2-B" service provider with a special focus on assisting the consumer & high-end audio manufacturing industry with their Customer Service, Marketing & Technical Support needs. In addition to those standard services, being a technology-based company with many years of hands-on design & technical experience we have also developed a number of innovative solutions to assist our clients in addressing the problems that frequently plague many of today’s modern audio products. Although modern audio devices are often considerably superior to similar products of the past in the way of reduced size, increased electrical efficiency and user features, etc., the complex technologies that have made possible these advancements carry with them a whole new set of unique issues that work to limit their potential for even greater performance. This is particularly true in the areas of product reliability, EM noise radiation/environmental contamination and small-signal self-contamination.


For The Audio Manufacturer:


Many small manufacturers have entered the audio market in recent years, and often these small start-up organizations or low-to-moderate scale manufacturers find they have their hands full just developing & bringing products to market, maintaining inventory, advertising and filling orders. As a result, peripheral tasks such as RMA/Warranty repair service, Customer Service & Technical Support inquiries, etc. can become such a big drain on their time that levels of production & sales and/or product quality may become negatively affected.

Also among the occasional or part-time needs these companies struggle to meet are those of Engineering & Design, Technical Writing, CAD drawings, Web Development, and low quantity Warehousing & Product Distribution (offshore manufacturers in particular). In an effort to help meet the above needs, TDSS was formed and an experienced team was assembled. Our staff’s 50+ years of cumulative experience in all-things audio and audio product manufacturing positions us to not only anticipate & meet the needs of the small audio manufacturer, but by diversifying our resources across a number of clients we are able to provide assistance to each of them at very affordable rates. Our areas of expertise include the following:



  • Electro-acoustic design services (loudspeakers & headphones) including 2-D layout, prototype development, computer-based circuit modeling and prototype system measurement & documentation
  • RF mitigation services for improved product performance and/or meeting FCC Class B Certification requirements
  •  Custom Equipment Upgrades to help meet your customer’s specialized requests
  •  A well supplied electronics and electro-acoustics laboratory
  •  Prototype construction & testing
  • OEM Service Contacts - Includes low volume part fabrication via local vendors or full production services via off-shore OEM manufacturers


  • Technical Writing – Website Product Descriptions, User Manuals & Advertisement Development
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • E-commerce experienced including Amazon & E-Bay

Customer Service:

  • Knowledgeable RMA/Warranty & Product Repair Service
  • Live Customer Support, Call Center service and Helpdesk administration
  • Customer contact options include Call Center Service, e-mail and/or your own, customized online Helpdesk Support System
  • Experienced staff available for assisting your customers with Technical Support questions & product inquiries
  • Low quantity product warehousing and distribution to your USA dealers and/or direct-sales customers


Audio Equipment Upgrades & Repair:


In addition to the above services, we believe there are a number of audio manufacturers that may also find our innovative methods for improving product performance to be of considerable value. In response to their unending quest and desire for improved audio system performance we have now extended our offerings to consumers in the high-end and professional audio markets as well.

Therefore, whether you happen to be a manufacturer looking to improve the reliability, radiated EM noise performance or sound quality of your products, or simply an audio enthusiast/professional in search of sonic nirvana, please take a moment to check out the unique, science-based performance enhancing solutions that we have to offer.


Many of the above services are available on an individual or reoccurring basis, with graduated levels of monthly service fees ranging from a minimum of $500.00 on up to whatever level meets your needs and desires. Please feel free to contact us and inquire, as we would be more than happy to assist you. We can develop a suite of services to be provided on a monthly basis, or we can put together an information package including associated costs for helping you with your one-off project. Whatever the need, we would appreciate the opportunity to see if we can help lighten the excess burden so that you can stay busy doing what only YOU - THE INNOVATORS - ... can do.