Review of TDSS Upgraded
NuPrime IDA-8

by Jeff C.


From Email:

"Dear Robert,

Events got in the way of me hooking up my IDA-8 until today. I assumed that it might go back to sounding slightly brittle and edgy (like it was new) until the upgrades settled in. That's certainly not what I got. It seems the opposite: immediately more fluid and organic. The details (lows to highs) just seem to flow out it effortlessly and into a larger space in front of me. I can't what to see where it goes from here.

Thanks again!


Hey Robert,

I spent some time this weekend pairing different speaker cables with my TDSS IDA-8. Let me just say that am stunned at the differences I heard. All worked quite well, at least meeting my previous standards with good recordings. However, I experienced so much more space and resolution with the better cables that I wonder just how many downstream upgrades would be needed before it became the limiting factor. It now has a remarkable ease and openness to its presentation, while retaining all of the vibrant warmth and precision of the original design. I couldn't be happier!

Jeff C.

P.S. Feel free to share any of these impressions."