Review of TDSS Upgraded

NuForce Ref-9V3 SE Amplifier by Chris K.

(Level-3 Upgrade)

(from email)


With the new power supplies into the amps has taken quite a bit of break-in. That is why I have been quiet. I want to give you some initial observations.

First, the amp has so much more dynamic range than the previous iteration. The amount of bass drive is amazing. It is as if a sub-woofer has been installed into the system! Not just more bass but clean, defined and more realistic toe tapping sound.

I also detect a bit less sibilance in the midrange, ever so slight but really in a good way. Soundstage is a bit more forward but a tad wider than before. Absolute non fatiguing sound.

The music really draws you in and gives me the desire to listen for long periods at a time. 

Within the next few weeks I am going to compare the amps to a friend's pair of Ref-20s. That should be interesting, especially since his speakers are a bit power hungry. ( Revel Studios)   

I will be sure to let you know how the test goes! Many thanks for talking me into the upgrade!!! 

Chris K.