TDSS is Your #1 NUOEM Representative

NUOEM is a novel new concept in product design and development wherein small companies and individual consumers alike can have a custom-built product tailored to meet their requirements. In fact, NUOEM may very well be the model of a "new paradigm" for how all new products will be created in the near future.

In cooperation with NUOEM, TDSS has been designated as the primary consultant and "go to" facilitator for enthusiasts that desire a custom-built audio component based on the world-class modules, chassis and sub-components that NUOEM is now making available to the market. Check them out and contact us to see if we can help have a tailor-made audio component designed, built and delivered direct to your door for no more than the cost of a similar generic product that, as is often the case, doesn't quite meet all of your needs or desires. Why pay more for less?


At the time of this writing the NUEOM website is still under construction such that there is only a small fraction of offerings presently listed compared to what will soon be available upon its completion. Nevertheless, in the mean time please feel free to check them out. Just click on the following logo:

If you see something of interest you can contact them directly, or by all means, feel free to reach out to us. We will gladly let you know what is available at this present time and will be happy to work with you to develop whatever audio product that you may be envisioning based on them.