NuPrime MCH-K38 O/P-Amp Upgrade

!!! "Hot Rod" Your K38 !!! -- !!! Double its power !!!

K38 Upgrade1.png
K38 Upgrade2.jpg

Any Questions?

Total RMS Output Power = 1600 Watts RMS

!!! TWICE that of a stock unit!!!

MSRP = $1,000.00 per MCH-K38

Price includes the following:

  • External Power Supply Module - Identical to the stock power supply used inside the MCH-K38
  • Additional Capacitor Board for improved DC filtering and reserve energy storage - same amount of capacitance as the stock Capacitor Board inside the MCH-K38
  • External Supply Chassis with AC Input & DC Output connectors
  • Umbilical Cable to connect DC output of the new external power supply to the MCH-K38
  • Installation of a mating DC Input connector in the back panel of the MCH-K38 for connecting the umbilical cable
  • Internal wiring of MCH-K38 for routing the external DC supply to each of 4 amplifier channels
  • Testing and verification of operation
  • 1-year Parts & Labor on all upgrade components
  • Upgrade does not void manufacturer's warranty