Our Team

Starting in January of 2009 and operating as individual contractors, TDSS staff members worked to provide Technical Support, Customer Service, Technical Writing, Web & IT Services and Engineering Consulting Services for former NuForce, Inc. For the next 5 years NuForce became a major player in the affordable high-end audio market, year-after-year winning numerous awards such as "Best in Class" and "Editor's Choice" for their designs from various trade magazines, web-zines and publications around the world.

Finally, in January 2014 it was decided that all parties would be better served if this group of individual contractors were to band together as a single entity, so TDSS was founded. This union enabled NuForce to operate with less complexity and greater efficiency while also expanding market opportunities for the newly formed group. Since that time to the present we at TDSS have expanded our market offerings and have provided similar services to other clients in the audio manufacturing & sales industries, such as Optoma NuForce, Erato Audio and NuPrime Audio.

Along the way, in addition to our standard Support Services we have provided a number of engineering solutions for Class-D power amplifiers and electro-acoustic designs in the form of high performance loudspeakers and headphones. With respect to power amplifiers, several solutions involving RF remediation and other techniques targeted to improve amplifier performance and stability were a welcome success.

As a result, we have since developed a new division dedicated to offering these same, specific forms of amplifier modifications to consumers as affordable solutions for improving and optimizing the performance of their audio components. These modifications take the form of various "upgrades" that besides substantially improving product performance, simultaneously offer a level of extreme value and affordability that usually cannot be obtained by any means other than by, possibly... replacing the product altogether with one of another make and model - if at all.

Considering the significant monetary losses (usually around 50% of the original purchase price) audio enthusiasts typically incur when selling their components on the used market, combined with being forced to start over and having to expend additional time and money in order to acquire a replacement, most find the "Merry-Go-Round" of continually swapping audio components in the quest for improved sonic performance to be a rather expensive proposition.

Conversely, in comparison most agree that the range of upgrades offer by TDSS represent truly superior value for a relatively modest investment - virtually always with greater return on investment than that delivered by the other common system "tweaks" of comparable cost such as cable changes and other accessories, etc.



Here at TDSS our cumulative experience spans several decades in the fields of Audio Engineering, Broadcast Engineering, Technical Writing, Electronic Service & Engineering, Instrumentation & Process Control, Mechanical Design & Fabrication, Manufacturing, IT & Web Design and Customer Service/Technical Support. Most all of us play at least one musical instrument, while one is quite proficient in several.


LA Audio Society Meeting

                         Bob Smith discussing the NuForce S-9 --- just one of his many successful loudspeaker designs.

                         Bob Smith discussing the NuForce S-9 --- just one of his many successful loudspeaker designs.

Starting from our teenage years (15/16), “fiddling around” with building home stereo speakers up until today, our experience in all things audio & electronics technology includes the following:

  • Musical Performance
  • Live Sound System Design & Engineering
  • Commercial Sound Design & Installation
  • Recording Studio Design, Construction & Operation
  • Audio Equipment Repair & Maintenance
  • Electromechanical Design - Loudspeakers, Headphones & Accessories
  • Audio Manufacturing - Design, Consulting, Technical Writing & Support Management
  • Business Ownership & Management - CEO & Senior Engineer/Loudspeaker Manufacturing
  • Advanced Electronics Engineering - SOTA High Power (40KW) Switching Amplifiers & SMPS
  • Television Broadcasting - Engineer In Charge (E.I.C.) (Master Control/Satellite Truck)
  • Industrial Engineering - Instrumentation & Process Control (Electronic & Pneumatic Transmitters/PID Controllers, etc.)
  • Mechanical Design & Fabrication - 3-D CAD Design, CNC Programming, Maintenance & Operation
  • IT & Web Design - Consulting, Design & Maintenance

Taken together, our cumulative experience amounts to 70+ years working and playing with all things audio – from simple system assembly to product design, manufacturing, marketing & sales. Along the way we have also developed relationships with several prominent audio manufacturing entities & industry associates, that as time passes will help us in our ongoing effort to expand our offerings and bring unique opportunities to audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Considering the above, we feel that we are well poised to serve the professional audio industry and the devout audio enthusiast in this effort that we call Technology Design & Support Services (TDSS). It is our mission and pleasure to provide both with a rare combination of technical and scientific knowledge, hands-on experience and honest, friendly service in meeting their unique needs... whatever they may be.