Review of TDSS Upgraded
NuForce Ref-9V3 SE

by Bill F. (Part-2)

(Level-3 Upgrade)


From Email:

"My review of the TDSS Level-3 Upgrade of the NuForce Ref-9V3 SE amplifier is as follows:

I've waited a while before writing this review as I wanted to make sure the upgraded amps had been broken in. My 2nd goal was to listen to many genres of music.

Here are my thoughts:

Bass: without question as equal to or better than other Amps costing much more, even including the cost of the upgrade. The bass is tight and defined. You will get what is on the LP,CD or Tape. By the way, I have an old pair or speakers:


Crossover: Electrical four way at 375 Hz , 3.5 kHz and 15 KHz
Frequency range: 20Hz to inaudible

I share the above because when the bass is so low that you can no longer hear it, then with this speaker/amp combination you WILL feel it… if it's on the lp/disc/tape. With the upgraded amps installed I have literally experienced bass "waves" go across my listening room and up my legs to my knees.

The speakers have a 3-position switch on the back, called a "Prospectus" switch. Set in its center position the sound will come from more of a neutral position, turned to the left it comes from deeper in the sound-stage, and to the right more near field.

Detail & Harmonic Accuracy:
Fine details in the music are rendered with exceptional clarity and realism, yet the highs are not bright nor does the system suffer in the least from the common  “zing”and listening fatigue that results when lesser amplifiers fail to address the high frequency range properly.

I can't say enough about the quality of the sound-stage - Width & height are outstanding. The air between instruments adds so much to the definition, in the sense that each instrument can be heard within its own purity of sound and separated from other instruments.

Depth Of Field:
… is deep and truly adds to the illusion of being at a live event. Many systems fail in this aspect, so as a consequence few audiophiles ever come to realize how important it is to the overall sonic picture.

... is outstanding.. I was listening to Mozart last night and certain notes drifted slowly away, just as they were played and intended.

... simply left me in awe...

One thing you must bear in mind. In order to truly benefit from any gear it's imperative that your system be PROPERLY set up. “Close enough” isn't acceptable. If you don't know how to set up your system find a legitimate Hi-End Salon that offers Set-Up. In fact, if you have a turntable improperly set up it can easily damage your lp's as well as your cartridge. Whatever your other components & setup, with a pair of TDSS Upgraded NuForce Ref-9s in your system, if something isn't right you are going to hear it right away.

Brief detail about me:
I've been into Home Audio (2-channel) since 1985 and have owned a number of very good systems. My advice is that, if you are undecided as to having one of the three TDSS Upgrades installed in your NuForce Ref-9 amps… you should go for it!!!


Bill F.
Bensalem, PA



It's been my pleasure speaking with you and listening to you explain the 3 upgrade levels. Everything that you've told me would happen has, and honesty like that is a rarity these days. The work and care you put into my amps has been top-shelf!

Thanks again Bob - It's been my pleasure and I will inform my fellow Listening friends of you and your great work (passion)."


Bill F.'s Irving M. Fried (IMF) TLS-80 Loudspeakers