Review of TDSS Upgraded
NuForce Ref-9 V3 SE Amplifier

by Bob A.

(Level-3 Upgrade)

From: Audiogon Review

Bob’s Tekton Double Impact

Bob’s Tekton Double Impact

Just wanted  to give a shoutout to Bob Smith of TDSS audio. I  recently purchased some terrific sounding amps from him at a very reasonable price- the Nuforce Ref9V3 mono blocs with the the full Level 3 TDSS mods.  
The reviews  on the Nuforce Ref9V3's stock amps were always terrific.  Really good value - really good sound.  If you never believed modding makes much difference - think again.  The amps now are an Incredible Value-Incredible sound.  Detailed, lively sound with no fatigue at all.  Midrange is surprisingly somewhat warm.  No, not 300B tube warm - but clean and natural - very easy to listen to.  That's really important to me.

Now Bob just doesn't just mod the NuForce/NuPrime products  for which he is an expert.  He does sell direct some of their older products like the NuForce Ref-9V3's if you don't have one to mod.

The other part of the equation is customer service.  I only met Bob Smith a few months ago.  What a knowledgeable and caring person. When I first purchased the amps there was a slight hum to them.  I called Bob not knowing what to do.  He reassured, no matter what, he would take care of the problem.  He called me every other day for over a week so concerned about the problem -giving me possible solutions. I didn't have to call him. He kept telling to send them back at no charge and he would make things right.  Well it turns out it was a loose connector on one my DIY interconnects that was the problem- not in any way the amps.

The point of the story is old school customer service. Getting rare to find and very refreshing when it does happen.  And these were not $20,000 amps or even a fraction of that.

I am not a salesperson for TDSS.  I only just recently had the pleasure of meeting Bob Smith.  I'm just a very happy customer.  One thing I really like about this hobby(addiction) is that I met a lot of wonderful people like Bob Smith. And that value is off the charts.”

Bob A.