Review of TDSS Upgraded
NuPrime ST-10

by Well Pleased AV

(From archived forum - no longer accessible)

"I have had the upgraded ST-10 for a little over a week now and I can definitely say that it morphs into a true Giant Killer (the phrase actually applies in this case) with these upgrades. Bob has managed to maximize/optimize the potential of the ST-10 which is pretty remarkable because it's already a great amplifier as-is. The most discernible improvements are resolution/transparency and dynamics unlike anything I have ever come across at 5k or under - it's amazingly lively. The spacing between instruments within the soundstage improves dramatically and its imaging capability gains a three dimensionality and depth it simply didn't have before. I have found the bass performance to be tighter/faster, and more accurate with even greater impact than the base version.

I just don't know of any $2500 amp that can touch this thing...really, it drove my Mythology M1's better than any amp I have had in house... which surprised me. 


Mark Sossa - Well Pleased AV"