TDSS & Benchmark AHB-2
by Roger K.

Just as we have been saying all along, our D.R.R.T. Upgrade treatments are as effective on other brands and types of audio equipment as they are on the NuForce/NuPrime gear. Well, now we have PROOF by example… and excellent proof it is because the components that were successfully upgraded were none other than the renown Benchmark AHB-2 Power Amplifiers.

Go to their product page (in the previous link) and see for yourselves - those puppies are built like Sherman M4 TANKS and represent some of the most professional looking electrical and mechanical construction that we have seen since our days working at Crown International’s former Techron Division building 40,000 Watt amplifiers for GE Medical System’s MRI machines! That said, we kind-a had our doubts as to whether or not we could achieve much improvement by applying our D.R.R.T. treatments to them. Frankly, in the end it turns out our treatments made a HUGE sonic improvement, and to be honest we were almost as amazed as the customer was to find just how effective they were. See his comment below that are posted on Audio Circle:

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“So I have the amps back from TDSS Bob. I have a good 6 hours on them. I truly cannot believe how much better they are. I was very skeptical and actually Bob was also. 

I played Pink “There You Go” and the the “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed as before mods I would find myself turning the volume down [on those cuts] due to their voices sounding [excessively] bright. I always thought it was [because of] the recordings, but with Bob’s mods that brightness is totally gone. Cymbals and horns are also smoothed right out and sweetened up and warmer, but with added resolution and transparency. Soundstage depth and width are also increased with the speakers disappearing even better.

I am also amazed how much my low bass is improved. Seems like Bob’s mods have at least doubled my output power. Upper and mid-bass is also way improved. Much more punch and snap. Incredible!

I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I will be sending my dac next. First need to sell my subs and single-driver horns as my second system/room idea is not going to happen. I will update as I get more listening time in.”

Quote from: Bob Stark on 11 Mar 2019, 05:55 am

Hey flat4,

Glad to hear your Benchmark is even more than you hoped it would be.  Bob Smith knows his stuff!

I'm using double Teo GC's from the Modwright 5400 to my TRL DUDE.
  "      "    double w/ Teo GC/ GC II's from the phono preamp to the DUDE.  
  "      "    double w/ JW Reference/ Amadi Maddie Signature on the DUDE to Nuforce Ref 9 V3 SE/ TDSS level 3 monos.

Haven't actually listened to the last one yet.  Just got the Audio Sensibility Impact SE splitters.  Want to hear what the AS splitters sound like compared to the Audioquest splitters before I hook them up on the preamp to amp location.  I'll let you know how that one goes.  I'll use the AS on the CD player to compare.  The AS are supposed to be much better sounding according to Doug Schroeder.  So far, everything he has told me has been very true in my own system.

Eventually, I will have 4 GC II ICs on the first 2 spots.  Not sure yet on the pre to amps location.  Maybe the AMS together with the JWR will be the ticket.  I don't have to have the best ICs to be happy.  This doubling the ICs is such a profound change for the better and sounds so good.  Doug says the change to the AS splitters is similar in change as going from one GC was to the double GCs.  That would be an awesome change for $100 used for 4 of the ASIse splitters.

Will keep you informed.  Do the same on your Benchmark as it progresses.

”Thank you Bob! What kind of improvements/changes are you experiencing?

Getting more time in on my TDSS/Bob modded amps. [Previously] I [would] make changes/improvements and [was able to] notice differences, but couldn't tell blindfolded. [Now] I feel that if someone were to a/b [the] stock versus modded [units] I could pick the modded ones with ease.

The sense of realism is now through the roof. The sense of space and added transparency leave me in awe. I am discovering information in the music I know very well that I never heard before. Again the mid-bass punch and low bass slam are way improved! Its like the resolution in the midrange and cleaning of the highs has brought out the bass and mid-bass.

My best analogy is like when adding properly setup subs and [how] it improves the highs, mid and soundstage.

Good stuff!

Thank you TDSS Bob! You have made me a believer.”

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