TDSS Upgrades -- The QUEST


First and foremost, we cannot emphasize enough that the guiding force behind ALL TDSS Custom Upgrades are the...

fundamentals of science and established

principles of


... not "snake oil" or "pixy dust" like so many other component "tweaks" being offered by others.

If that sounds maybe a little "too orthodox," as if to suggest that we don't believe in the differences that such things as cables and other similar tweaks are claimed to make - nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, we posit that at the most comprehensive level of analysis, the behaviors of all systems in this physical universe are the byproduct of all sub-component and sub-system behaviors, their interactions with all others AND their environment... from the outer limits (if there are any) of the greater universe all the way down to the limits of the of the sub-atomic realm (if there are any).

Essentially, EVERYTHING MATTERS - whether it be the quantifiable attributes of the semiconductors and other components comprising a circuit, conductor metallurgy & the dielectric properties of the insulation surrounding all wires and cables, wire and cable geometries, component chassis materials & construction and all associated modes of mechanical vibration, component temperature and all reactions to any fluctuations thereof, component exposure and reaction to all environmental & self-generated Electrostatic, Magnetic & EM Radiation fields, humidity and all other atmospheric conditions and any fluctuations thereof, the local gravitational field and its fluctuations... you name it.

And those are just a partial listing of the things we are certain of. There are also a number of other, more subtle forces and varied behaviors relating to material properties to further complicate things. Then we won't even began to discuss the potential for any dependency upon forms of action or causality that might be the consequence of the physics governing some of the more "elusive" and somewhat controversial subject areas of physics, such as Bohm's Implicate and Explicate Order, Space-Time-Matter Theory, Zero-point Energy, or Scalar Wave Propagation - to name only a handful.

And so it is: The sum total of all things combined from limit to limit of scale & dimension, ultimately determine the behavior and performance of any and all electronic, as well as all other components & systems comprising this universe. In essence, all-in-all are simultaneously both part & whole of our Holographic Universe.

Simply put, from the largest to the smallest extremes of the universe, everything is affected by and interacts with everything else on all levels. This truth should be self-evident. The real question "in toto" is simply a matter of...


... however infinitesimal it may be. That is and always has been the REAL, fundamental crux of the question behind the audiophile debate regarding the effects and influences of component makeup & design upon sound quality and audio component and/or system performance.

We most certainly do believe in a "causal" universe, but just because you can't identify the cause of a thing doesn't make it any less real. Seeing that fundamental logic dictates it is impossible to prove a "negative" (there is no God, differences in properly designed cables are inaudible, etc.), often all we are left with is "WHAT IS" that can be observed directly by our senses - when our imperfect, man-made extensions thereof, such as various apparatus like test equipment and associated test procedures, etc., FAIL us.

Many orthodox researchers and engineers attempt to get around the "no negative proofs" dilemma by simply dismissing the observation, the observer - or both. That approach is and always has been the big "wart" at the tip of beautiful science's nose, and has been the "ball & chain" holding back scientific progress since its first beginnings. Initially, in the days of Galileo the established Catholic Church was more to blame, but now that science has become its own religion the same pride and avarice has taken hold of many in its priesthood as well.

Specifically, with respect to the subject that we are concerned with here, many of the "audio orthodoxy" sitting in their ivory towers have determined from their lofty perches that naive audiophiles are simply being deceived by their own senses and/or the auditory processes of their minds when they make claims of positive audibility regarding things such as the sound of cables and other subtle effects that often lack any substantive scientific support. Maybe in the end the priests are correct to some degree at times, but we are not so puffed up with pride that we are willing to dismiss the preponderance of claims and observations being made by otherwise intelligent and rational folks. When only one person alone observes a thing he's probably a nut, when a handful observe the same they are most likely suffering from mass hallucinations, but when thousands do as well then the odds are such that they are likely observing something real. DUH.

Not unlike Martin Luther and the subsequent great "Reformation" that he began, as our form of "declaration in protest to the established priesthood," we believe and declare that a little "faith" divorced from absolute proof is always healthy in every aspect of life. Therefore, we at TDSS neither accept things OR reject them solely out-of-hand at face value. Anything and everything is possible - to some DEGREE. This is just as true in the field of audio as it is in all other aspects of Divine CREATION.

For good or bad though we are all forced to live and operate in a more practical world, so to be efficient in developing our solutions we must first focus on what the known laws of science & physics suggest is PROBABLE. Then from there we work our way down the list as far as we reasonably can. That which remains beyond our reach we simply muse over and dream about, because... well... you just never know where a dream may lead you. What a world it might be though if more were willing to do the same? Let us pray - Amen.