TDSS Warranty Update

Effective 03/16/2018


As of the date shown above, the TDSS Warranty will change to the following with respect to the NuForce Reference Series Amplifiers:

With any D.R.R.T./Level-1, Level-2 or Level-3 Upgrade of the Ref-9V3, Ref-18 & 20 models, TDSS will provide a 1-Year Warranty that covers all labor and 100% of the cost for any parts that HAVE been replaced as part of the upgrade service. Under no circumstances will TDSS cover the cost for any parts that were not replaced, OR DUE TO THEIR AGE AND GENERAL LACK OF RELIABILITY, ANY PARTS in earlier V1 or V2 models - WHETHER TDSS REPLACED THEM PREVIOUSLY OR NOT.

Specifically, the above is in reference to the DC Power Supply, the Capacitor Board and the Amplifier Modules. All other passive electro-mechanical components such as Speaker Binding Posts, the Power ON/OFF switch and other such pieces & parts will be covered in full on all upgraded models. In addition, TDSS will also cover any shipping costs incurred for returning the item(s) to the customer.

Furthermore, TDSS will also provide a Lifetime Labor-only Warranty wherein the customer will be required to cover the full cost (plus shipping) of any parts that are required to facilitate repair, as well as all cost for round-trip shipping to and from our facility.

For a review of the Amplifier Module & Capacitor Board costs, please see here: NuForce Parts


In the process of having provided the TDSS Upgrades for some time now we have recently been observing a slight increase in subsequent failures after installation of the upgrades. As many know, while many loved the sound of these amplifiers, the fact was that the factory production units had a somewhat "higher than desirable" failure rate. Therefore, in mid-2016 we began the quest to upgrade the Reference Series amplifiers with the sole intent of increasing their long-term reliability and lifespan. It was only after having installed the various modifications in the first units though did it become apparent that we had been even more successful than expected, as in the process their sonic performance had been significantly improved as well. At that point we knew that this would be something that many Ref Series owners would be interested in, hence, the TDSS Upgrades were born.

In any case, as time passed we were noticing that, as expected, the upgraded amplifiers were remaining in service and not having to be returned for further repair. Conversely, back when NuForce, Inc. was still in operation and open for business it was not uncommon to see units being returned for service 2 & 3 times within less than a year. Such repeat failures were no longer occurring in our upgraded units, so with the passing months it became obvious that we had truly succeeded in our original goal of improving amplifier stability and extending reliability & lifespan.

Having anticipated that the above would be the case from the onset, we went ahead and offered our customers a full 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty as an important and valuable part of the upgrade package. In addition, along with it we offered a Lifetime Labor-only warranty as well. It is the 1-Year warranty portion that we are now modifying and is the subject of this update.

As it stands, these units are getting older now, as even the most recent production Version 3 (V3) models were released in the fall of 2009, with many older V1 (9.02) and V2 models still in use. The fact is, over time circuit components will eventually wear out. Electrolytic capacitors "dry up" and the silicon material that IC chips and transistors are made from undergo molecular changes as a result of the fast switching speeds, current flow and associated heat cycling.

That said, these older amps are simply "wearing out," and in particular, the Amplifier Modules. Seeing that their MOSFET output stage transistors are literally switching from a fully "ON" to an "OFF" state (and vise-verse) 800,000 times per second (1/2 the 400KHz switching frequency), their internal silicon substrate and the extremely thin Metal Oxide (the "MO" in MOSFET) layer of their control Gates are subject to very high and ongoing stresses that result in chemical changes, depletion and gradual breakdown. In other words, they suffer from the effects of ENTROPY, and just get old and wear out over time like everything else in this world. Consequently, there are no "tweaks" modifications or treatments that can prevent this, regardless of how advanced they may be - from TDSS or elsewhere.

Therefore, at this point TDSS can no longer "take it on the chin" and afford to continue bearing these costs alone, so from this point forward we are requiring the customer to "share the burden" with us 50/50. Even then we are only talking the later Ref-9V3, Ref-18 & Ref-20 models. We have a few V2 Amp Modules left in stock and will install them in an effort to repair those older units at minimal cost, but no parts warranty will be included with the service whatsoever.

Alternatively, if the customer elects to either upgrade a unit to V3 status or we repair a unit by replacing a V3 Amp Module, then those parts will include a full 1-Year P&L warranty. In fact, all power supplies or other active components that TDSS replaces will include the same full 1-Year parts warranty. It's just that we simply cannot continue to replace the old Amp Modules and Power Supplies that have already been in service for years now... for free.

Rest assured we will continue to honor all warranties for all existing customers that already have an item that has been upgraded by TDSS and is still within the original 1-Year P&L Warranty Period. Thanks for your kind understanding and as always... HAPPY LISTENING!!!