TDSS Upgrade Pricing


Power Supply Upgrade for NuForce Ref-9, 18 & 20

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Dynamic Resolution Recovery Technology (D.R.R.T.)



ALL AUDIO COMPONENTS - regardless of make or model

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Are you paying $1K + for power cables and such?

Check out the prices below and compare to most any other system tweak out there. You could change every cable in your system using the best you can afford and not come near to realizing the performance gains you'll get from having our D.R.R.T. upgrade installed in just ONE of your system components. If you want REAL value, have D.R.R.T. installed in them all and then sell those frick'n expensive cables to somebody else that has a worse case of OCD than sense of thrift. Either that, or just keep them and build a truly world-class system for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost. In that case, at least you'll really be able to hear the differences between those cables that work well in your system and those that don't.

Once you hear the improvements for yourself we're sure you'll agree that our D.R.R.T. upgrades represent the best "bang for your buck" in the entire audio marketplace. So don't waste your time and money buying expensive cables and putting silly lead weights, sand bags or expensive feet on your gear. That's little more than putting a Band-Aid on a severed artery. Get to the heart of the problem - the very circuitry itself - and clean up the problematic "dirt" where it all starts... with D.R.R.T.

General Brand Pricing


Due to the fact that component designs vary widely with respect to chassis construction, circuit board layout/positioning and wiring methods, it is virtually impossible to provide any kind of reasonable cost estimate for our D.R.R.T. Upgrade - which can be installed to good effect in most audio gear regardless of make or function. CD Players/Transports, DVD Players, DACs, Preamps, Power Amps, etc. can all benefit greatly from D.R.R.T. treatment, but the "devil is in the details" when it comes to calculating our costs to install it. Going beyond that, assuming something more advanced like a power supply upgrade (such as in our NuForce Ref Series Level-2 & Level-3 Upgrades) is even possible, doing so is even more difficult to predict with respect to materials & labor.

Therefore, please just contact us and we'll do a bit of research. Pictures of the internal construction of most gear is available on the web, so if we can obtain a shot or two of the insides we can probably give you an exact price. If not, we may need to have you send the item to us for inspection to be sure. In any case, you can rest assured that our prices will be reasonable and the results most likely very worthwhile - especially compared to the amount you can spend on other tweaks such as expensive cables & accessories, etc.


NOTE: The following product upgrades are FACTORY AUTHORIZED by NuPrime and as such the upgrade process and the associated materials used therein do not alter, limit or affect the original manufacturer's warranty in any way whatsoever.


Reference 20 Mono Amplifier                                                            $500.00

ST-10 Stereo Power Amplifier                                                            $750.00

STA-9 Stereo Power Amplifier                                                           $325.00

STA-6 Stereo Power Amplifier                                                           $200.00

IDA-16 Integrated DAC/Amplifier                                                      $900.00

IDA-8 Integrated DAC/Amplifier                                                        $450.00

IDA-6 Integrated DAC/Amplifier                                                        $250.00

DAC-10H Integrated DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp                       $550.00

DAC-10 Integrated DAC/Preamp                                                       $450.00

DAC-9 Integrated DAC/Preamp                                                         $350.00

HPA-9 Stereo Headphone Amplifier                                                 $300.00

MCH-K38 Multichannel Amplifier                                                   $1,250.00

HD-AVA Integrated DAC, Preamp - Processor & Stereo Amp     $1,000.00

HD-AVP DAC & Preamp/MC Processor                                            $800.00


NOTE: With NuForce Legacy products having been acquired by NuPrime, as above, the following product upgrades are FACTORY AUTHORIZED by NuPrime.


Reference 9/18/20 mono-block power amplifiers                            $500.00

P-20 Preamplifier                                                                                $500.00

P-9 Preamplifier                                                                                  $650.00

P-8 Preamplifier                                                                                  $350.00

IA-18 Integrated Amplifier                                                                  $900.00

IA-7 Integrated Amplifier                                                                     $750.00

MCH-C3, C5 or C7 Multichannel Amplifier                                Call or Write