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NuPrime ST-10 by Paul W. - "... with your D.R.R.T. Upgrades you have taken what was a $1,600 amp that sounded like a $5,000 amp and turned it into one that sounds (to me with my admittedly limited experience with expensive amps) like a $12,000 amp! I could go on.... I'm re-listening to many of my CDs now and enjoying them in a whole new way.  A tremendous success!  Thank you, Bob!  I'm glad I took your advice.  I would absolutely recommend this upgrade to the NuPrime ST-10 power amplifier.  It's a bargain!  It's a no-brain-er! Thanks, Bob for this upgrade.  It's a REVELATION!!!"

NuPrime DAC-10 & ST-10 by John B. - "This is the best amplification I've owned, and up there with the best non-tube gear I've heard anywhere... If you already like the sound of your NuPrime and you've been thinking about the TDSS Upgrades, for my money this is the REAL DEAL. It really shows off what these awesome pieces can do at their best."

NuPrime DAC-10 by Joe Y. - "I highly recommend the NuPrime DAC-10 with the D.R.R.T. Upgrade to anyone, including those who are considering spending much more money on a DAC... By how much of an improvement did the upgrade make?  The improvement was like comparing a 1080p to a 4k TV, that's how much of an improvement was made!  I have made countless upgrades to my audio system before, and I have NEVER had such an improvement for the money! "

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NuForce Ref-9 V3 SE by Bob S. - "Just got my NuForce Ref-9V3 SE's with TDSS Level-3 upgrades back. On first listen, the sound is now better in all aspects.  Hearing many sounds I couldn't hear as well or at all previously.  Very dynamic, lucid, and beautiful sound on CDs so far.  Every CD has been a new treat to enjoy. Will also play considerably louder in addition to the improved sound quality. The soundstage is very accurate, deep and delineated.  Singers are dead center.  Dynamics just jump at times. If you have NuForce or NuPrime amps) and you are thinking, 'How can I make this even better sounding?'... RUN, don't walk, and talk to Bob Smith about his upgrade."

NuForce Ref-9V2 by Pat M.“I'll cut straight to the chase, however great you think the NuForce amps sound in their stock form, you'll be quite surprised what the TDSS mods can do to make an already great amp (or mono amps) stellar. Mine have been running-in for about a month or so and they sound cleaner, smoother, quieter, better definition across the board, more space between instruments and a larger stage. They get completely outta the way of the music, with no harshness or fatigue what so ever, the amps are staying with me for good. I can't thank Bob enough for the services he performed, I very highly recommend this to any NuForce or NuPrime owners."

NuForce Ref-20 by Spence R. “Between real tears and laughter, all I wanted to do was listen and let myself be absorbed by the music. Every note was suspended in the air, time slowed down, the extensions when Frank grabbed a high note were almost frightening in their dynamics, the textures of strings, drum skins, brass horns, you name it were all vividly real. And the amps hadn’t even settled down after shipping or broken in yet with the new upgrades; meaning there is even more to go!!!"

NuForce Ref-20 by Gammajo“If you have the equipment that can reveal this level of quality I think you will be pleased. Why? I think the mods preserve all the original genius circuitry yet remove nearly imperceptible RFI, EMI and vibrational distortion and increase quiet. I personally think that the modded 20's can complete at the $50,000 amp level and perhaps even be preferred by many whose minds and hearts are open to the music being the reason we engage in our quest."

NuForce Ref-9V3 SE by Jim D.“About the amps.  Wow!  They sound fantastic!!!  It is like the “old” NuForce Ref-9 SE’s after steroid treatments.  Everything I loved about the amps has been amplified (no pun intended).  The base is deeper, sound field is wider, midrange is warmer and the dynamics more pronounced.  It is like I purchased a brand new pair of mono blocks - not just having “upgraded” some old ones. WOW!!!  Nothing but non stop TRUTH and BEAUTY !!! I really can’t describe the whole spectrum of audible improvements rendered by TDSS.  I would advise anyone thinking of moving up to a world class amplifier and not wanting to spend a fortune, to check out the TDSS website and find out how to do just that!”

NuForce Ref-20 by Neil R.“They're like a totally different amp altogether except they retain the original "sound" or sonic signature they always had - but better.”

NuForce Ref-20 by Chris K.“The amount of bass drive is amazing. It's as if a sub-woofer has been installed into the system! Not just more bass but clean, defined and more realistic toe tapping sound.”

NuForce Ref-9V3 SE by Bill F."Bob - You're a GENIUS !!! I had my stereo on and within SECONDS I heard the difference... and it's only going to get more awesome by the hour. I've been into Home Audio (2-channel) since 1985 and have owned a number of very good systems. My advice is that, if you are undecided as to having one of the three TDSS Upgrades installed in your NuForce Ref-9 amps… you should go for it!!!”

NuForce Ref-9V3 by Phil H.“After listening to my amps for a month now I can testify that the difference is night and day. The Level-2 Upgrade made the high and low ranges beyond anything I could have imagined - WOW! Your quality of work is exceptional and I cannot thank you enough for my "new" amps. I would tell anyone that wants new sound from an old NuForce amp to go with a TDSS upgrade. Again what a difference it can make!!!

NuForce Ref-9V2 by Tyler F.“Before I begin, let me say that Bob offered the best customer service I have ever received, period. Having dealt with REL, Martin Logan, Definitive Technology, Bryston, Krell, etc., not one of them has treated me as well as TDSS has. I did truly feel as though I was their only customer. Add to the fact that I had spoken almost exclusively to their lead engineer and founder of the company, I was made very comfortable and very informed very quickly. A truly fantastic experience all around. The easiest way to describe the upgrade is this: Take everything you liked about the NuForce amps and make it all just a little bit better. As far as I can tell, they've been improved in every way. There has been no downside to the upgrade, so in my opinion it’s well worth its asking price."