- - - TDSS Upgrade Warranties - - -

While your primary motivation for selecting the TDSS Upgrades is likely to be the performance gains they offer, you may be pleased to know that they also include a few nice "extras." For example, please check out our TDSS D.R.R.T. Upgrade Certificate of Conformance at the following link along with the information below:

TDSS D.R.R.T. Upgrade Certificate of Conformance

Warranty Details:

1) A 1-year parts & labor warranty for all Legacy NuForce/NuPrime products. This warranty covers only those parts that we replace and is in addition to any remaining original factory warranty, thereby extending coverage for an addition year. Also included is a transferable lifetime labor-only after the 1-year P&L warranty period has expired.

2) At such time as we receive similar factory authorization from other manufacturers we will gladly extend the same warranty to their products as well. Before we proceed with the upgrade process we will contact the original manufacturer for you to see if they would be willing to extend authorization to TDSS such that installation of our Custom Upgrade will not affect or void the factory warranty. In the mean time, if you elect to go ahead and have the TDSS Custom Upgrade installed in your non-NuForce/NuPrime product without the manufacturer's prior authorization, TDSS will warranty our work such that within a 1-year period should any failures occur that can be identified as being the direct result of our upgrade, we will cover all costs charged by the manufacturer or their authorized service provider to repair your unit. In the event that any such failure is not caused by or related to our upgrade, then the TDSS will not be responsible for covering the cost of repair whatsoever and all associated costs for repair will be the sole responsibility of the owner/customer.

In order to file a warranty claim under the above conditions the customer will need to inform TDSS first so as to give us the opportunity to identify the cause of the failure and possibly attempt repair of the product ourselves. In the event that we decline the opportunity or are unable to achieve repair of the unit, then we will make provisions to have the item serviced by the manufacturer or their service representative. If their technical staff determines that our Custom Upgrade is in any way responsible for the failure, then TDSS will cover the full cost of repair and transportation of the item - including reimbursement of any related shipping costs previously incurred by the customer. The manufacturer and/or its technical representative will be the final arbiter in such cases. If TDSS should decide to attempt repair but are unsuccessful for whatever reason, then we will cover the cost for sending the item to the manufacturer or their service representative. Once the item has been received by said representative, any additional costs for having the item returned to the customer will be the responsibility of either the customer or the service representative and is a matter of business between those two parties, except in the case where the service representative has determined that the failure of said item is directly related to the TDSS Custom Upgrade. Again, in that case TDSS will bear the full cost of shipping round-trip between all parties, including any and all service fees associated therewith.

CAUTION: Please keep in mind that in most cases the manufacturer's original warranty states that if any modification or unauthorized work is performed on the product, that the warranty will become null and void. In such cases, if the failure is found to NOT be related to the TDSS Custom Upgrade then the customer will be responsible for covering the full cost of repair and all related shipping charges.

Nevertheless, if under such conditions TDSS elects to attempt repair, the labor-related portion thereof will be provided at no charge to the customer in that only the costs related to obtaining the necessary service parts and all related shipping costs will be the customer's responsibility. This labor-only offer is being provided to the customer as a good faith effort on the part of TDSS to help reduce the cost of servicing their item whether or not the cause of the failure is a result of our Custom Upgrade service. In the event that the customer elects to waive this offer and decides to have the manufacturer or their service representative perform the work, then as stated above, TDSS will only be responsible to cover the associated service and shipping charges if the manufacturer or the service representative determines that the failure has been caused by and is a direct result of the TDSS Custom Upgrade and/or associated workmanship.

3) Furthermore and in keeping with the above, ALL TDSS Custom Upgrades include a lifetime, labor-only warranty that covers all future failures, regardless of cause and regardless of model or make of manufacture. Again, you must cover all shipping costs associated with obtaining this service as well as all costs associated with obtaining any necessary service parts. In the event that appropriate service parts are no longer available, likewise, TDSS will then be exempt and no longer liable to provide warranty coverage for the product such that said warranty will immediately become null and void.

In all cases wherein product failure is not directly attributable to the TDSS Custom Upgrade and/or associated workmanship, should service of the product be required at any time you will be responsible for ALL shipping costs; either to and from TDSS or to and from the manufacturer or their authorized service representative.

4) Finally, ALL TDSS Custom Upgrades include a Certificate of Conformance that certifies the treatments therein listed have been installed in the upgraded product and that it conforms to all TDSS minimum performance requirements. Please see an example in the image linked at the top of this page.