Voided Warranty Items

The following items have had their TDSS Warranties voided and revoked  as a result of the following: Improper transfer to third-party buyers, attempts to file fraudulent/false claims and/or other violations of the TDSS Warranty Claim process.

As such, it is highly advised that you do not purchase these items as tdss will neither honor any associated previous warranty or provide service for these items whatsoever. As far as we are concerned these are "DEAD" units worthy only to be buried forever in a recycling center somewhere, and we will report them as such to the factory in Taiwan. Therefore, If you find yourself in the possession of any such items and they are in need of repair, you will have to find some other service provider to assist you.
Sorry & good luck.

NOTE TO THIRD-PARTY BUYERS: If the process of transferring a given item covered by the original TDSS warranty from the owner to you is not followed and at some point later you attempt to file a warranty claim, you will find yourself in the above situation with the related item(s) now "dead."

Furthermore, if in the process of attempting to file said claim we discover that you are intentionally attempting to deceive us, your name shall be placed and forever remain on our "YOU KNOW WHAT AND IT STINKS" List. You have been warned... NO EXCEPTIONS!



Reference 9V3SE
Reference 9V3SE

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New York, NY  10013
New York, NY  10013